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Bradford Co. gas business

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Bradford county is very active with pipeline companies,siesmic testing and well drilling. what is it like in other counties?
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Have you got anything more current? they have really stepped it up since last fall.
I was told today that there is 64 wells permited for Bradford Co. for this year. and it is only march!!
I just leased to a company for Seismic testing at my camp.Albany twp. Bradford county.
you guys are going to be sorry for's not a good idea
What isn't a good idea the seismic testing or drilling?
if you look at the last 4 months, Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb, there are 130 wells permitted in Bradford County.
reallllly loud you might as well find a new place to hunt
I thought the wells have no noise once they quit burning them off and hook them up. The compressor stations are what make the noise. Do you know something different?
If they hit gas, I'll BUY a new place to hunt!
has there been any activity in south eastern bradford area?
there is some activity near wyalusing.
I'm hoping for one in my back field $$$$. drove up last night, I see another being drilled on the way in, Susq Co.
uplandr, they're drilling in Rome now too..its close
Where in Rome are they drilling? I heard that East sort of goofed up on the Hess well in Rome Twsp.
Iam in warren township bradford county do you know the names of any gas company doing work in bradford county
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