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Here ya go...




Dates:December 6, 2009January 3, 2010February 7, 2010March 7, 2010April 4, 2010 (Black Powder Pistol Shoot)

Time: 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM

Location:The Boyertown Rod & Gun Club is located at 295 Sunset Hill Road, Boyertown PA 19512.

Contact: James J. Corsetti Jr. at 215-256-9319.

All shoots will be blanket shoots, and will be anywhere from 25-30 shots, so bring plenty of ammo, cleaning patches, etc. to complete the course. You can use flint or percussion traditional guns, round ball or conical, and if you are a Civil War buff, your Civil War guns, even breechloaders, are welcome. As with other years, our last shoot of the season in April with be our black powder pistol shoot, so if you have a cap & ball revolver, an in-line competition pistol, or an old fashioned flint pistol, come on out and try it out. We encourage everyone to bring their friends and their kids to enjoy our bill of fare, and we always have a positive experience when it comes to the woods walk. If you use a flintlock, make sure you have a fresh flint installed and extra flints on hand. It makes the course run smoother.

As usual, our fee for the day is $5.00 per person, and if you participate in the blanket shoot, please keep your prize values at $10.00 to $20.00, if possible. Please enjoy yourself before the end happens, and be safe. Thank you very much for your patronage, past, present and future (Maybe!).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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