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Okay Guys! Here we go! Looking for scouts and leaders, individuals or troops!

We have a large space at the club we will have ready for your next Scout Camp!

Imagine the HPA 10yr Anniversary Party and 100 years of Boy Scouts!

We have a few local troops and leaders who will be setting up camp, and organizing the HPA Troop Organization...

What we are looking for is the scouts to setup camp and help out at the club during the two days worth of events.

We can get together and setup a schedule where the scouts can sign up for events on a 'work schedule' and help out during the days.

We would ask that they be in uniform while working and during ceremonies for the military remembrance.
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I would really like to pull off a great turn out from the Scouts and would be a really cool display from order of the arrow dance teams!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know asap if you think you and you troop could make it.

I estimate we have the room for nearly 100 Scouts with tents and dining flys set up.

There is electric at the camp, and we will have porta johns nearby!

I am hoping this will help with the Scout interest in the state as well. I expect to have a huge public turnout at the party, so maybe we can draw more interest for the Scouts.

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Come one guys... You mean to tell me there isnt any Boy Scouts out there who would want to be part of this event...

This is gonna be huge... Rally up your troop and bring them all!

Parents: Tell your scouts, get troops from your home town involved!

Looking for all the Scouts we can get here...
Good deal GoneHunting... I think they would really enjoy the event as mush as we would enjoy them being there...

Just sell them on the idea that the helicopters (StatMedEvac, Apache, and Blackhawk) will be landing a couple hundred yards from their base camp...

Thanks guys! Really want to make this a special event...
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I am a eagle scout with the bsa and also was apart of the order of the arrow. I was also on the dance team for the majority of the time I was in oa. what lodges have you contacted in getting oa dancers there for saturday night? I know susquehannock lode XI has a dance team and tuckahoe has a dance team also or atleast used to. you might want to contact their dance team advisors and see if they can come for a show. both of these lodges are based out of south central pa.
Hi Tom

I will try and have my troop 2071 Carrolltown there. I plan to see you soon anyway. Give me a call I think you have my cell number.
Hey BigBen... That is great information...

Would you happen to know any contacts there personally?

If you do, would you be interested in contacting them for me?

If you dont or cant, I will follow up with them!

Thanks for the info!

Hey Dead On ! That is awesome news...

See, starting to come together now!

Will be a great time! Hopefully we can get 100 scouts there...

I will call susquehannocks dance team advisor for ya. I sent ya a pm I guess you didn't get it.
Nope... Sorry... For some reason I am only getting one a day... I think Rooster Booster put the clamps on me...

I would appreciate that very much...

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I did not want you to think I gave up on this. I have met with 3 other Scoutmasters and they will discuss at their troop meetings this coming week. I hope they decide to come out to the event. One Scoutmaster seemed excited about it.
Really cool... Thanks for your effort...

It is gonna bea a great time...

See you then... Tom
Hey Dean...

Where were ya last night...

Did you forget about the meeting?

Oh Well, how are you making out with the scouts on your end?

We have space set aside for you, and cant wait...

Keep me posted...

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Sorry Tom

It just slipped my mind, you know "to busy overload"

I am working with 4 other troops and hope to land at least one.

We will be there for sure and are planning lots of campsite activities and scouting demonstrations. Friday night we will be cooking with Dutch ovens to include personal pan pizza, beef stew, chille, apple and peach cobbler. Stop in and make your own pizza.
Just a suggestion, but if'n ya got female dancers I think you could drum up more help.
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Scout leaders,

Please send me a PM. I got free 1 year subscriptions for your scouts that will be helping at the event, and for the leaders.

Their hard work and your dedication is much appreciated, and very much in the spirt of true sportsmanship!

I also have some scouts and leaders showing up that do not visit these forums...

I also have a troop of girl scouts that called last night and wanted to know if they could come...

I told them ... heck no, it is not a party for the girls... Unless they are there to wash the dishes...

Just Kidding... We are going to have a whole unit of Girl Scouts There as well!

Cant Wait... Thanks!
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Shooting you a PM.

Offer is for all scouts. Girls included.
GalThatFishes said:
I got free 1 year subscriptions for your....
Yeah where have I heard that before?
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