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Anyone ever hear of or try a Bowjax Crossbow Silencer Kit. A different design than Limbsaver.
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Yep. Just got the kit and put it on my Excalibur Vortex. Here are my impressions.

I installed the limb dampeners and the retention spring dampener according to the directions. The sound dampening material seems a bit firmer than other manufacturers. Installation was a breeze. I chose to mount the limb dampeners horizontally in line with the limbs so that nothing overhung the limbs which could catch air during the shot. Attachment seemed to be very solid.

I also mounted the spring dampener, but found out that I could not slide it up the spring far enough on the Excal to clear the vanes of the arrow. Excalibur's spring sits very low along the rail so it looks like I will find a place for the spring dampener on another of my bows.

I and was very pleased with the reduction in vibration with the Excal. Noise seemed to be a bit more solid sounding. I shot out to forty yards and did not notice a change in POI which leads me to believe that velocity was not affected. I really am think of getting a few more limb dampeners and installing them along the sides of the barrel,, forward of the grip. Overall, happy with them. Anyone looking for quality sound dampeners should give these a look.
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I usually don't put string dampeners on either. Good luck.
I just figured the end of the limbs will vibrate the most so I placed them there. Just gave a bit of clearance for the string when it comes forward during a shot.
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