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Boom sprayer question...

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Anyone know how to determine the correct application rates for sprayers... Reading some of the labels is like reading greek. I have an atv boom sprayer and I am never sure how much to mix in the tanks or how fast to drive while spraying.
Do i want to go over the plot twice or one heavy spray?
Do all sprayers have the same nozzles? Pressure?
I am spraying some 1/2 acre and 3/4 acre plots.

Any good websites that explain it??
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I have a 2.2 gpm 16 gallon northstar boomless sprayer. It sprays approximately a 10 foot wide spray pattern. I agree that the labels are like greek when it comes to application rates.
For me, I mix my glyphosate at 3 oz /gallon so for my 16 gallon I'm using around 48 oz. I don't know if I ever measured speed I'm going but would say maybe 2 mph. I'm not going fast and I'm not trying to saturate the vegetation, just get it wet. I find that my one 16 gallon tank will spray between 1/2 and 3/4 of an acre.
I find this works for me. Good luck!
Water is merely the transport agent for the gly. Any water that hits the ground is wasted gly. Think about application rates of 2 quarts of gly to the acre (can vary depending on plant species, age, etc) and blend accordingly. Then drive at a rate to ensure your tank is empty at the end of the field. There's some trial and error involved.
I use 2 quarts an acre in my 26 gallon sprayer. Went a little too slow on my acre plot last year and had to touch up the last 1/8 acre with my backpack sprayer. This gave me a good kill off on the annual weeds that drifted in since I planted the year before.

look at the Penn State Dept of Ag.,your local Penn State Extension Office,
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