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Bolt Dia.

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I have a Parker Buck buster HP 175. It came with 6 of the standard Parker carbon bolts with the package.
While looking around the web, I notice that there are quite a few different Dia. Bolts on the market, 2216s, 2219, xx75s, and all. What Dia. does parker recomend?
and has anyone ever tried any of these dia. bolt in their parkers? If so, what did you think about them?
Thanks, Roland
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Parker Crossbows require a minimum 20” long arrow with “moon”
shaped nocks. Further, the arrow MUST have an outside diameter
of 22/64” to insure the anti-dryfire mechanism will engage safely.
We strongly recommend you use arrows that meet or exceed the
industry guideline of 425 grains minimum weight.
Parker Crossbow Arrows meet all of these criteria and are
recommended as the best choice for accuracy and proper operation
when shooting your Parker Crossbow.
Victory are an excellent option. I feel they fly the best out of the Parkers. Also you can use the Parker arrows or the 2219's will work. The 22 in 2219 is the outside diameter, expressed as 22/64.

I've tried nearly every arrow and vane combination you can think of and plan to test a few that are new this year. I think the best choice is the Victory for the Parker bows.
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