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What a great evening with the hounds I had today!! went to a gamelands that has some real thick nasty stuff micky and abby didnt have any problem finding rabbits and they ran awsome the rabbits didnt like leaving the clear cuts but man did it get the dogs fired up tareing through all the piles and thorns,

my pup abby has a screaming squall mouth that I think is just awsome sounding. When shes hot on one you can really tell she just hates those rabbits

about 6 this evening while they were runnin one I heard a gobbler slammin away for about 20mins also had a family who were biking stop and watch a chase the kids really liked watching the dogs pounding the rabbit also ran into another guy who was bird watching/turkey scouting, it was a great evening and was nice seeing these new gamelands being used by so many people we are blessed to have so much public land in this state!!

pic from the cell phone
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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