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I read a post on here about targets...I had a Rinehart 18-1...I believe it was 2013 when I bought took 4 seasons of thousands of shots...with field points I'm pretty confident to say you couldn't ruin it..I shoot a lot of big fixed 4 blade broadheads..I've been through 2 bows...lots of tuning..I broadhead tune to atleast 40yds..I shoot atleast a few broadheads daily just to make sure everything is still true... overkill...but if I miss or make a bad shot I wanna know it was ME not my equipment..

Anyways..I finally got it to the point where I'm running out of foam. It'll still stop 95% of my shots without a passthrough but getting to tear up my hand crests and fletchings..

On the recommendation I bought a Blob target..

I went with their smaller's only 6" thick..but weighs 30-35lbs..the bigger version would be nice..but right now I need portable..

I was skeptical...I really was...6" isn't much to stop an arrow... especially my arrows I built to achieve maximum penetration..

I got my blob last night...

When I saw the maker threw in a free arrow removal tool I was concerned...I DO NOT like a target that is a bear to pull arrows from.

I shot 20 or so arrows into it today..both fixed heads and field points..

The foam is extremely dense...but yet it's not rock's very interesting..

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of penetration!

I didn't measure it...but my arrows weren't breaking through the than 6"!

I can't speak for the longevity of it...I'd say it'll compare to the 18-1. Foam seems to be somewhat "self healing".

When it comes to pulling arrows..because of its size and shape, I tipped it over and stood on it and the arrows come right out...pulling isn't hard.. broadheads actually pull out cleanly and don't rip extra foam out because it is dense closed cell foam..

One thing I broadhead shaft has very distinct lines in the spaces between each arrows are Victory VAPS with an "ice coating". I didn't examine it to see if it's simply a little bit of "melted" foam or if it's actually abrasive and wearing the coating or carbon off or what..they say it's not abrasive..I'm guessing it may be a foam build up...the field point shaft feels fine..but I shoot a point with a flared tip so it expands foam and pulls easier than a normal field point..

So far, I'm happy. If it holds up well and isn't trashing my shafts I will be extremely happy...if it is trashing my shafts I will contact the company...

Thought I'd share... definitely seems like a nice target worth checking out...

I would NOT shoot a mechanical into it...I'd imagine you'd be risking blade damage upon removal..but, my fixed blades do pull out the same exact path so maybe mechanical heads would too??

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I bought the large size several years ago for broadheds. It was so heavy I had to slide it on my cart to move it. I needed one I could put in my truck to take to a safe place to shoot broadheads. So I sawed it in half with a hand saw. I have been shooting broadheads into it for about 6 years and it is holding up. I think I can still get about 1 or 2 years out of it. Then I can start shooting at the other half ! I shoot several hundred shots a year into it. But I only shoot about 52 pounds of draw weight. I did spray paint aiming dots on front and back each side is off center from the the other side. that helps it last longer.

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I shot in an indoor dot league a few years ago where we had those. I was shooting X7 aluminum arrows- big 2613's. After shooting 450 rounds for 10 weeks, the blue of the shafts were worn away. One of the guys in the league is a machinist, and said that those targets will gradually "sand" away the arrow shaft. I personally didn't like them because with bigger arrows, you get an impact channel and the arrow would follow that, regardless if it was where you wanted it to go.

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i was worried about what i thought was the arrow being worn away but after cleaning with alcohol i realized it was foam residue. if it is sanding away my arrows i could care less because my arrows would be retired before anything were to happen.
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