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blind for a big guy

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Anyone know a blind for geese that fits a bigger guy comfortably. Im 6'6 tall and full bodied. Thanks guys.
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I'm told Rogers sporting goods make a nice layout blind. They even have an XL model. I've not seen one in person but heard they are decently made and priced.
The Rogers XL blind is very nice and very large. The only problem with them is it will not fold up like a Finisher. My SIL who is 6' and 300 lb. has one and packed up its about 5'x6'. When he has it straped to his back it hits him just below the knees. He has used a Finisher before and wishes now he had boght one over the Rogers XL. The Rogers blind is no longer than the finisher just wider.
Im your size and bought the Rogers. Tons of extra space. Like Pappy said they are large folded up however I never had anything different.
I'm 6'9" and a couple hundred pounds. I hunt from a Finisher which is very uncomfortable. I would reccomend a Migrator, Pro Guide XL or the Rogers XL. The Migrator is much better built than the Pro Guide XL but the Pro Guide XL has all the room Shaq would need. Never laid in the Rogers XL.
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