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BlackBerries and ElderBerries

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The BlackBerry picking has been good and the ElderBerries are coming on strong.

The Pie tonight was good!
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We had the biggest and best crop of raspberries this year. I have two red elderberry trees here and they fruit in the early part of June. Now I see the black ones coming on.
30 pounds in 3 days of picking from 3 different Black Berry Bushes....

Gonna make a nice batch of 5 gallons of homemade wine!!
Just got the Blackberry wine started last night....smells good already...

Recipe I have calls for 20 pounds of Blackberries to make 5 gallons of Wine...I picked 30 pounds, hopeing to have a very heavy bodied wine come out from using an extra 10 pounds of berries..

Bushs are still loaded pretty good at the Farm..I'm hopeing to get out again this week and pick another 10 pounds and make some jelly!
Just polished off a bottle of dendelion wine my dad made. Ready for him to get started on the elderberry here soon!
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