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The family finally killed this black coyote we ran it last Saturday, and sealed the deal this weekend. A long week of work waiting for the weekend after seeing him last week.

We found his track at daylight and had a long tough cold trail, got him jumped around 10AM and the race was on. Ran down to the road and my brother missed and then it turned and ran back up towards us, baying up 2 different times. By this time only our 3 year old Trigg dog was left on the track. We left it bayed in a brush pile and waited for my uncle to bring a couple young hounds in to get back into the race. We jumped it out and what a beautiful site to watch this yote run out of the brush. We let it run to get some training in. We ran it around for about 5 more hours with my dad finally getting the job done. In the end ran for several hours 5 out of 7 hunters seeing it and 4 of us getting some shooting. When I missed it the dogs were right behind it, I mean less then 20 yards behind it.

A wonderful day hunting with family and ending with a trophy. We will be getting it mounted and putting it at my grandpa's house.

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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