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Black Coyote

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Hey everyone! My first year trapping and I got my first coyote, ALL BLACK! Ive been working on dirt hole sets for fox. Never even new that there were yotes in my area! Ok for some details....I had a fox set on a dead end quad trail using an older victor 4x4 1.5 coil spring. I had the trap bedded in peat moss using fox lure. The week before I caught her I caught a rabbit in the same exact set. Wouldn't you know New years day i head out to check my trap line and run into coyote tracks 20 feet off my front porch. Followed them past 3 of my other sets, one of which was circled multiple times but never stepped in the trap. Got to my 4th set and there she was! I wasn't quite sure what I had till I started asking around. Ive been told that its a catch of a lifetime and ill be spoiled for life! Currently she is at the taxidermist getting mounted. To date I have caught 6 coon, 2 grey fox, 2 possum, 2 farrel cats, 2 ringneck (one was just a foot left in the trap the other I caught today in the same set I caught the coyote in) 1 red fox, 1 rabbit, and one coyote!
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A melanistic coyote is my personal goal. So to just won the lottery. Or made a hole-in-one, and many other equivalent rare feats.

Interesting set too!
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Awesome catch!
Wow! Congrats. A personal goal of mine as well.. You are spoiled now.. Good luck topping that! Well done!
nice . always wanted to catch a black one
Awesome catch!!
What county did you catch it in ?
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