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Birds before the snow and ice comes

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I won't be able to make it out to Onpoint like I planned due to the weather. So I took the dogs out this morning to give them a run in an area that holds some liberated quail and holdover pheasants. It didn't take long for Nittany and Blitz to get birdy. They worked the edge of some switchgrass before heading into the woods. I didn't follow them but just watched from a distance before two hens flushed out of the woods. Here is the area they were working:

We moved on and worked some other cover and a food plot without finding anything. After working a different area of switchgrass I came across this:

I know there are still birds around here. We keep working and the dogs start working some scent. Before they can pin the bird a rooster flushes 50-75 yards away and I was able to snap this picture:

The dogs worked some more after this in the wooded area and Nittany was able to find another hen.

It may be a little hard to see him but he's in there.

I was hoping to find some quail but I think they are into the thicker cover waiting for the snow to come. I threw some feed out for them to help get them through the storm. I'll have to try to find them in a few days after it is not so icy out.
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We have nothing here yet and got the dogs worked this morning. Interesting in the one quail was in front of Max and as I was walking to flush, a hawk came in behind me and hit the quail. I jumped it and it flew away in a cloud of feathers and the quail flew quickly back to the pen. He did not know haw close he was to somebody's lunch. The hawk flew to a perch and sat and watched for hald an hour!!
That would have been something to see. Lucky quail.
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