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Hey guys, wondering what bipod you guys use. I have a harris just a little to bulky. Saw one at the sportsmans show couple years ago that i might pick up this year if the booth is still there. let me know what you guys use, and if you could post a pic of it on your gun in use that would be great. Thanks
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I used a Harris for years and then I switched to the fold up Steady - Stix that snaps into an X. Light, fast and cheap. Great for sighting in the guns too because since the fold up stix are not attached to the stock I don't need to remove them when sighting in. Sorry, no pic.
I have a Stoney Point Rapid Pivot Bipod and really like it. I can snap it on my 22-250 and my 22 Hornet with an attachment on each stock.
For standing or sitting or both?
More for sitting I would like something light and quick to get on target. I like my Harris but just bulky. Looking for something new.
primos trigger sticks are nice for sitting.
I like the trigger stick. It's quick and easy to ajust the height but I don't even use one much. I like the freedom of movement with out it and I just use my knee.
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