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Bipod length

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I didn't find this subject when I searched, if I missed it my apologies. I joined a club with a 100, 200, and 300 yard range, and I want to start some long range shooting (if you call 300 yds long range). I wanted to get some opinions on what is a good length for a bipod. I want to shoot off of a bench, but I'd like to try some other positions as well, including prone.
Thanks in advance!
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For bench shootin i use sand bags??? 2 in front 1 small 1/2 full in rear for field work 13"-23" Harris so you can sit on butt and shoot also. Had 9-13 and always had to lay to shoot and used stix's for awhile missed a couple chucks this yr. with it went back to Harris bi-pod IMO best made.....later
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