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Bike Parks, Never Been.

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I’m thinking of trying a bike park out. I usually ride single track that are pretty easy. But I would like to try it. I’m getting up there and at 51 not sure if my body can keep up with my brain. Suffered a compression fracture in my lower spine a year ago and have been just riding my gravel bike on paved roads and rails to trails type stuff.

I was gonna sell my MTB but I really like riding it and though I’m no Evel Kneivel, I like to send it here and there.

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Hey Man,
Like to help ya out with bike parks, but I’ve never been.
but I am your age, and have contemplated selling my bike too,…but then I just can’t.
I like it too much.( like you said).
Maybe take it slow, and easy, getting back to single track gently will get you back in the game?
I had an accident several years ago that slowed my riding down to not “ maniac”
I go slower and not as much but it’s still great!
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