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First,I'd like to say these are great forums.I have been lurking for a long time now.Although I usually just come here to read,I thought some of you might enjoy these photos.
If anyone knows the young man who shot this buck opening day of archery season,please inform him that I can print this photo 19"x13" free of charge for him,and congradulations on a dandy buck with alot of character.
This suburban bachelor group I was watching in September was in a field when I first spotted them at dusk.I ran home to grab my camera gear and tripod knowing I would have to "shoot" this deer in total darkness by the time I returned back to them.
When I got back I couldnt see anything in the field,so I just started taking random photos of the field to locate the deer,then viewing the photos on my cameras LCD panel.Now keep in mind,I am using NO flash or spotlight.Basically I was using a tripod,remote shutter realease and very long exposure times.
After 8 or so shots I finally located them,then stalked closer to set up for the money shot.
It took another 5 or so shots till he finally stood perfectly still for the 30 seconds required to expose this photo.
As you can see in the other 2 photos,things get quite distorted and blurred when your subject is in motion during long exposure times.
I would estimate this buck to be a 3 1/2 year old,4 1/2 tops.8 points on his left and 5 on his right.Given 2 more years,this fine specimen would have been a GIANT!
If the images wont show up I will try again later

1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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