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Big garbage grizzlie vs 204

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[img:center]<a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a>[/img] I had this 22# boar raccoons come in two min into the third set, he steped out at 22yards, stoped looked over then went right at my foxpro wf. I stoped him 3 feet before he got there with my 204. I hit him right infront of the shoulder with no exit. I used a handload I just made of 27gr of hogdon varget powder with a 32 gr vmax. My load data says it should be at 3550 with this load as it was a starting load. It did not exit and made just a small pinhole
throught the pelt but.... when I got home and carfully skinned it I found that as soon as the vmax hit the ribs it put a beer can sized hole in the body of it and penetrated about 6 inches into it. Telling me this can be a very fur friendly gun alot like the 17. I case skinned and fleshed it now its salting dry to be tanned. It measured 35in from head to tail. I was calling a logging raod in tye woods sitting agianst a log pile med wind. stared a bird distress for a min then went to somthing different at low vol. I also put my caller in a wool sock to insulate it from the cold but i think the coon saw it as a grey rabbit layin on the ground.. almost as a decoy. But anyway this is the biggst coon iv ever seen.
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Sorry for the crappy upload photos if somone can instruct me on how to post an actuall pic to this thread I have others. thanks
congrats! thats a good sized coon!

i still bet that load isnt so friendly on fox...that coon is 2-3x thicker than a fox with a much thicker pelt...have to let us know how it does on fox though...big coon and coyotes you should do alright
Hey thanks I was excited about it. Nice to get somthin once in a while, im sure your right about the fox, that coon was soo fat I swear it was every bit as thick as a deer and more fat! the crows around my house sure were happy to find all that after I fleshed it. I know for a fact that a factorty hornady vmax at 4250fps would have gone clear through it. I shot a fox with 45gr sp factory load and it didnt blow it up. just puched through but I didnt hit the shoulder. Hopfully I will get another shot to try these. Iv also loaded down to 25 gr est 3200fps and its still just as acurate so it could be tuned lower.
Congrats and thanks for a nice report.
Congrats! I'm patiently awaiting my first kill.
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