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At first light while moving into a spot on a ridge for bear this morning, I spotted five deer. I was on Game Land here in Perry County that gets hammered on deer opener. Four nice large does and a monster buck. My first thoughts were how did that buck live so long to become that trophy size? More puzzling on heavy hunted land. That bad boy had tines everywhere, and over twelve inches long, the curve of his rack was waaay out beyond his ears. I don't know how many points, nice mass, big body. Three of the does were feeding, one old girl was looking in my direction. I stayed still and kept glassing them. When I first spotted them, the old doe just put her head up and ears forward, that was the signal that buck took. He lowered his head and believe it or not, lowered his body to the ground and moved away with every tree between us. That deer melted away in front of my eyes! That old doe never turned her head to look at that buck, just stared in my direction. (I don't think she saw me.) That old buck didn't look for what may have alarmed the doe, didn't ask questions--just left. That answered my question!

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Generally with older bucks theres no curiosity. No foot stomping, no head bobbing, no hesitation, they just leave quickly and quietly.
just had to explain this to a friend yesterday.

he said i know he was there but he never blew or never bolted out of there.

i said, welcome to hunting mature bucks.

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You can put older bucks, and to some extent even older does, in the same category as turkey and coyote. They have no curiosity. If they see, hear, smell or just sense something isn't right they don't investigate or stick around to figure it out. They just leave. That is how they survive.

Dick Bodenhorn
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