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BIG Bear relocation

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This guy is estimated at 500lbs.! He was huge!

Yup, He's a boy! You can tell by his big..... belly.

HUGE HEAD!! 500+ lbs.

Woke up quick....
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I hope he relocates to the swamps of Gouldsboro--------

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That is a nice bear!
That is one BIG bear

Thanks for posting the pics
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Thanks for sharing!
I want to run into that one this fall!
I got a place for him, warm and dry..
woodswise said:
I got a place for him, warm and dry..
You and a thousand others...
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600 pounder by fall hunting season - heck of a trophy
nice bear
eyefromthesky said:
He doesn't look to happy after he woke up.
Great pictures!
Mom always said dad woke up like a bear with a sore bum. lol
Ya, he looks like he is concentrating on facial recognition for use at a later time.
cool thanks for sharing
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