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I have had nothing but heck trying to get dialed in with blackhorn209 for a week now. i finally ditched my gun rest and went to a back pack stuffed with a jacket and a memory foam pillow. I couldnt believe the groups i finally got with the rifle! I never did like how the rest held the rifle, i certainly wont go back to using it!!

100gr BH209 - 295gr Powerbelt @ 100 yards 3 shots.

110gr bh209 - 245gr powerbelt,

This load hurt like a son of a gun - 120gr bh209 - 338gr powerbelt platinum,

110gr bh209 295gr powerbelt,

120gr bh209 270gr powerbelt platinum. Low shot was final adjustment.

Got a bunch of loads all ready for tomorrow. I plan on doing some 150-170 yard shooting with it tomorrow and just use my shooting sticks.
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