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heres another one guys, sorry, once i get started i can't stop!


Again I slip quietly,
From freshly cut corn.
Back to my sanctuary,
Well before morn.

Around the hillside,
Near the towering pines.
I hear the unmistakable sound,
of tangling tines.

My regal status proven,
By the scars on my face.
I swiftly put youngsters,
Back in their place.

Suddenly, a familiar scent,
Catches my nose.
I’m now on the trail,
Of some smokin hot does.

Down through the valley,
And into the grapes
Their meandering trail,
Onward it snakes.

Suddenly I realize,
Somethings amiss
My senses betrayed me,
And I hear a loud hiss.

I bound away quickly ,
But its far too late.
At the Bowhunters hand,
I’ve met my fate.

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