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Best turkey choke for 870 20 ga?

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I know it depends on the gun. But seeing what you guys have had the best luck with. Any advantage with a ported one?
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Primos jellyhead .570
I'll tell you in a couple weeks! LOL I have a Rem 21" that I'll be testing soon with a TruGlo SSX .550, Indian Creek .555, and a SumToy 562-5. I'll be running Hevi 6s & 7s and some Federal HeavyWeight 7s. I just polished the barrel. Waiting for a warm spell.
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Truglo ssx for now with the fed HW 7's!I have a Trulock choke on the way made for the fed 7's,can't wait!!
where are you guys finding your ssx's?
I use a Jellyhead on my Browning BPS w/ 3" hev1-shot loads.
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