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Best Time To Look

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When looking for birds, what is the best time of day to find them? Earlier in the season, and for previous seasons I could locate them in fields about an hour before dark. Now, I really have not seen any in that time frame.I have seen some, both ducks and geese, mid day flying around.

Thanks, PA Waterfowler
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I think the answer to your question is a variable. There are many circumstances that make birds do certain things at certain times which is why this is a challenging pastime to be consistently successful at.

I think "time of day" has a lot to do with where you are looking for them.

If you're looking for Canadas feeding in fields, the early morning is a good time. I saw significant numbers feeding before 8 am this morning. However, as the weather gets colder, they tend to feed in the later parts of the morning or early afternoon. Birds will also loaf on water (big and small) during midday hours, so you may be seeing birds going from their feeding areas back to loafing areas. Sometimes they feed twice. Sometimes they go water to water. Sometimes they do a lot of things.

Essentially, without being rude, the point that I'm trying to make is that the answer to your question cannot be found on a forum. Be outside, keep your eyes peeled, and derive your own conclusions from what you see the birds do and the time, place, and conditions. Try to make hunting decisions based on those conclusions that will yield the most positive results.

Sorry that I can't answer your question, but anyone who claims to be able to answer that question probably got their answer on a forum, and not from the birds.
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Thanks for your answer drakes.

I thought that it would probably be like that.

From your experience, have you seen many in fields in the evening?

I got some decoys from BucksGobbler earlier in the year, and he said you guys went out together. How are you guys making out?

Thanks again, PA Waterfowler
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