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Best "Opening day antics" that you saw???

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Opening weekend of regular trout season is usually the worst of the season for me. I usually try to temper my expectations and take a big dose of patience while fishing on this weekend. We have all seen some pretty good ones over the years, but this year was pretty tame for me. The only two things I had happen were a guy running to get to a spot in front of me where he thought I was going. Got his line caught in the brush and it snapped like a .22 going off. Then he was angry because he had to re-tie before he could start fishing.
Another young kid got too close upstream from me. Kept letting his line float down in front of me cause that's where he wanted to fish. After he tangled me up for the third time, I went and found another spot.
Not too bad for opening weekend I thought, got a laugh out of them anyway.

Just wondering if anyone saw any good ones over the weekend?
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Best I saw was around noon guy wanted to cross the creek to get back to his truck. Instead of walking to the bridge and crossing he decided to wade thru the middle of the stream. Got about halfway and with the water tolling went to his knees got up took 2 more stumbling steps and did a face plant. Only things on him that wasnt under water was his eyes and hat. As cold as that water was I am betting he was almost froze by the time he got across and made it to his truck.

That reminds me of the time I was fishing the first day about 20 years ago. It was only 20 minutes into the season I was walking along the edge of a stream and slipped on a root that was submerged and down I went. Just my head was sticking out of the water. Brrrr that was cold too.
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Many years ago, I was fishing first day on French Creek in Chester Co. I parked near a bridge on one side of the creek. Across the creek was an old home, with 4 or 5 teenagers running around. There was a tire hanging from a large tree branch over the creek. A fish warden pulled up and asked to check my license. As I was pulling it out, a fully unclothed teenager swung over the creek on the tire. I said to him "Maybe you should check that first". He turned around, saw the girl on the tire and all he could say was "Oh, my God". Never will forget it.
I love the guys who start running for other holes the moment you pull in or come around the bend. Gotta beat you there to catch this dog food fish.
7:30AM at an unstocked bridge with very few if any fish at it there was a guy standing chest deep in the water, middle of the stream holding his spot for start time. Mind you we have near flood conditions and it gave me something to chuckle about as I made my way to the native stream.
Suprisingly, I saw no antic and very little fishermen on Spring creek. I think the high water scared them off to the smaller streams like Blue Jay. The only antics I witnessed was my son catching every piece of brush along the shoreline and then accidently dumping the minnow bucket water down his boot.
Seen a couple guys complaining about not catching fish but they were carrying a case of beer dont know maybe it is just me...i catch my fish then go
About 15 yards down a guy was fishing and we were all pulling in trout. This boat see's this and tries to invade the fishing hole at the lake. This guy about puts his rig in the boat, actually tangled the guy up. I think the boaters said why are you casting here. The fisherman on shore cast there again and everyone on shore told the boater we've been casting here since 8am and pulled out 6 or 7 trout and we're not going to stop casting because he's there now. The boater left to find his own spot.
few years back me and the mrs was out opening morning early and not long after 8am there were a couple guys to my left and one of em decided to walk out on a log at the creek and fell in, we both stood there laughin at the guy. them guys will do anything to try and beat ya to a place.
Helping my little brother and 2 other other friends' young boys ages 9 and 11 fish and a guy and his son come up right beside us and proceed to cast over my little brother... Didnt phase them one bit. Well guy gets a tangle and just lets his line hang down in the current across all of our feet. I knew someone was gonna get hooked so I reached down and gave a little tug on his line, guy freezes and watches his rod tip so I give it a slight tug again and dude is just motionless. I give it a big old yank this time and he sets the hook! Me and all the boys busted out hootin and hollerin bustin a gut and this guy looks down and says I dont appreciate that! I was a lot bigger than him and there was 2 of us, he's lucky the youngsters were around!
P.S. I hope he's reading this.
Funniest thing I've ever seen while Dad and I fished Mud Run in the 70's.Picture 20 guys surrounding the big hole. The first morning some guy in chest waders kept moving deeper into the hole. Somehow he drops his prescription sunglasses.The next morning, everyone is back in position.Suddenly the guy yells"my glasses" and he dives under the water to retrieve them. His chest waders acted like a life vest, he lost his footing, and wound up floating down the hole, all the while holding up his glasses yelling "I got them". Priceless....
This past Saturday me and my buddy were fishing the Conococheague around the old Siloam Dam area in Chambersburg. We were probably about half a mile back and we happen upon an older gentleman fishing so we wade out and try and walk around him. He hurriedly got out and moved down to the next spot before we could go around him. No problem, we just fished were he was fishing. Everytime we tried to be polite and get out about 30 feet from him and walk around him he would scurry out and jump down to the next hole like he was afraid we were going to catch all the good fish. We did this number a couple of times before he got fed up and just left. Funny thing though, we caught and released 7 trout between us and he didn't catch anything....
Had that same thing happen to Craig and I Saturday lol. We were about done though so it didn't bother us. Instead we just kept pushing them up the stream. They were intent on not letting us leap frog so we just walked about 1/4 mile chuckling the whole time. We had no intentions of fishing but they didnt Know that. Good times.
Lets seen there were the two fly fisherman who came close to a fist fight while both fished in a very small pool in a very small stream. One said "Why did you come in here can you seen I was here first." While the other rod caster said, If you knew how to fish there would be room for both of us. They assembled on bank and cooler heads separated them. They must have known each other since they called each other several nicknames.

Then there was the guy who saw a fishing buddy and me fishing in his direction. We would have simply passed by him by a reasonable distance to fish again. However he suddenly realize there was a better hole up stream in the direction we were headed so he took off, crossed a fence marked No Trespassing, RAN through a muddy marsh only to have his shoes come off in the foot deep mud. He made a step or two without his shoes and had a lot difficultly retrieving his sneakers while wading the muck in his stocking feet. He must have known the two fly fishermen whereas, he called out some of the nicknames they used in their discussion.
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I was sitting on the deck partaking in observing the antics. I did see a few young kids trying to navigate the creek. I had a few choice beverages and some of us at camp were calling the squatching hills of potter county with tree clicks, mating calls, and squatch howels.

I almost died when one of our camp mates from a camp down the road says "See these squatches come down from the hills to pick up these dead fish, they are smart creatures and follow the stock truck around."
I only fished till 11:00, but didn't see anything interesting at all. Everybody in the area we fished was courteous and careful, and cleared out around 10:00.
My dad was at the creek way before I was and when I got there he was telling me of a guy at daylight that started fishing. He was from West Virginia where they have no 8am start he took the ribbing in good just though asking us as he was landing a fish what the limit was
Last Year, or two years ago, My son and I were Fishing Little Mahoning, on the first day. Around 10:00 a Shirtless Young Guy went past me and I asked Him how He did. Seem like a nice Guy and We talked for a couple Minutes. He went up on the Bridge, my Son was on the other side Fishing. I heard My son say, I don`t care what You do!! Here come the Young Guy, Feet first off the Bridge and into the Creek!! It was kinda impressive and I gave Him an 8 as he swam by Me and nobody offered to beat Him up....
Last year there was a big rock about 5 ft above the creek next to a huge hole with a dozen people fishing in it and I saw someone fall off the rock and right into the water
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