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Best multi tool and why?

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Looking to get one to keep in my pack. What's your choices and why? Thanks!
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I have Gerbers. Always worked good with no problems.
I have a Gerber lots ofusable stuff.Cutting blades sharp opens and shuts easy.
I carry a leatherman Wave while hunting ,,locking knife and saw blade ,,and nice needle nose pliers also ,with others tools ,, screw drivers,,wire cutter , etc .
i carry a leatherman kick for work ,,its has a pocket clip along also carry a small micra and a P4 model
I carry a leatherman blast for work and I have a Gerber I use for hunting. I definately think the leatherman is a better built tool but I've never had a problem with the either.

Made in the USA. They have a wide variety of different tools that you can get on their multi-tools. The also have different size and weight multi-tools to fit YOUR needs. You can get some of their knife blades made from 154CM steel. A very good warranty and customer service. ( used it once) I have many of their tools. Truth be told, I also have a Gerber. My Leathermans are the go to tools first.
Wasn't there a thread about leatherman co. being anti gun rights?
Hope your wrong very good quality right there don't need one but if it would be leatherman...later
leatherman blast has everythig most people need and you can carry it in your pocket. solid knife.
I have 4 full sized Leatherman's, one in my atv toolbox, one in my regular vehicle toolbox, one in my hunting day pack, and one at home. I also have 2 mini's that I carry. One in my golf bag and one in my fishing vest. I don't know what model name or what they are called but everyone has performed flawlessly over the years at one time or another, and that is what they are supposed to do!
Tim Leatherman (owner) just supported Kerry for Pres. If Leatherman was anti gun they would not of just came out with a tool made just for the AR15/M16. ( the MUT tool) That's what I read when I Googled. (He supported him for his environment views)

Consider that firearms manufacturers donate to both Republican and DEMOCRATIC parties when they are running for office, does this make them anti gun?
It's almost impossible to not do business with everyone whose views oppose our own on guns.

I would like to remind everyone that Bill Gates is VERY anti gun,gives tons of money to anti gun groups and we all use his products.

Just my 2 cents. Sorry
Leatherman Fuse.
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from what i found so far is that they supported John Kerry ,,anyone else have any more info ?? this will determine if i ever buy anymore
Leatherman Surge
Please read Tim Leatherman's response to his support of Kerry.
Use one of the Gerbers -- the one with a saw blade, to cut the rib cage and pelvis. Sharp knife to cut the hide.
Only tool a sportsman needs.....
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