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Best hunting load for 308 win.

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I'm looking for a load that will work for whitetails and wild boars. I'm thinking at least 150gr. Maybe 165gr. Let me know what you think and what you've had luck with. thx
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First of all i am no expert but i have worked for years with the 308 Winchester.
The 150 grain bullet is a good choice for deer. You have to try a few different brands to see which one your gun likes.
I do like the 165 grain bullets also but the same thing applies to finding the one your gun likes? To hunt Bore i think i would go for the 165 grain in a regular type bullet.
Premium bullets are to costly to try to find a good load from scratch,IMHO.
Powder i have had the best results with IMR-4064 and my second choice would be Varget.
Primer brand choice comes in to this also as does brand of brass.
What works for me and the guns i load for may very well not be near what yours may like?
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