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Berry ID help

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Anyone know what this is? They were everywhere along the bike trail. I was heading to pick chantrelles and found these. Sorry its a cell pic. Almost looks like a small strawberry but its rounder. Squeezed it and clear liquid came out.
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Are the edible? I pick along the bike trail thats between a hillside and a river.
Also I belive it was at one time supposed to be a railroad. It runs north and south and goes through a couple towns??? Can't remember the names of them. Oh, and there are railroad tracks on the opposite side of the river. Does that help??????
I can't be giving away my spots! Then my belly won't be so full! Last year we found probably over 400-500 in one spot there were none there yesterday. We left about 150 at least that were small too. Gonna take a walk friday more towards Wash co.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts