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Benelli Nova 12 GA

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I have a Benelli Nove 12 Guage with Camo Pattern I'm thinking abotu selling. I bought it 3 years ago used from Gander MNT. I'm thinking about selling it. What is a good price to start at? It's in pretty good shape I might have shot it onle 20 times since I bought it.
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no complaints just don't use it very much rather have a flintlock
Frazz, you could probably get 200 or more on a trade toward a Muzzy at a gun shop.
If it's well maintained, I'd be asking closer to $300 on a private sale.
Is it a 3" or 3.5" chamber?
From what I understand I can shoot any size shell through it.
It should be clearly marked on the barrel.
The 3.5" would bring a little more than the 3" model.
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