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Got this email today

"Dear Bellm Bunch,

This "Bellm TCs" is me, Mike Bellm, the guy who developed all of the products offered on the real Bellm TCs site, all the technical information and instructions, the one called to Bergara, Spain last November as a consultant to their engineers building the excellent Bergara Encore barrels and the CVA Apex rifle along with numerous other CVA products. ...... the one who had P.O. Ackley as his personal mentor for 10 years, followed by another 21 years carrying on a legacy by standing on the shoulders of that great giant of a man in the custom gun trade. ..... I'm the one who has been doing cutting edge work with the TC system all these 31 years.

This is not meant to "blow my own horn" but to remind you of where I have been, for you to see where it is leading me, and hopefully what it ultimately means to you.

I am going to take some liberties here that I would not take with the general public since we are a more personal group where persons and personalities are also an acceptable part of our shooting activities discussions.

In regard to the Newsletter you received from Kim Nutting yesterday, she is whitewashing the fact that the "division" as she refers to it is the result of a total, blatant breech of trust of both our personal life together and our teamwork making the TC guns work for you as they should. Her actions brought about the termination of all the monumental video work that was being done and allowed into our inner circle a very questionable character who had no respect for me as a person, our personal lives, and tragically no regard for you, the shooter. These two put their attraction for each other way above everyone around them and way above their responsibilities to you and me.

The personal tragedy to me is one thing, but the real travesty is what it means to you, the ones who have depended on the work I have done.

The "division" is anything but as amicable as you are lead to believe.

Her shallow platitudes are an attempt to hide the disgrace she has brought to our personal lives and the gross disregard for the public trust she was entrusted with. Our business relationship was not ended on friendly terms, and she is NOT being supported by me in any manner. She chose to end a business and personal relationship with me for another man who was hired to produce more products to serve you. Now, they are going to attempt to plagiarize my life's work for their benefit, and I cannot, simply will not sit back and allow this to happen.

They will not be able or authorized to provide ANY real technical support for the shooting systems I have spent my life perfecting, nor will they participate in any pending innovations I will be introducing such as totally revising the approach to Encore and G2 trigger jobs and making further obsolete the rather pitifully outdated printed Trigger Job Instructions manual I hold the copyright on and have demanded she stop printing.

Likewise, there is a better way to measure headspace than with the current Headspace Indicator base.

One spring is also being re-engineered for optimized performance. Prices on some springs will be radically reduced. New products are being developed and will be available soon.

A production run of oversize Encore locking bolts has just been completed that will allow you to optimize the fit of your Encore barrels both at the hinge and at the locking bolts. They are ready to go to heat treat now and should be available for sale in a few weeks. It will mean you will be able to send me your locking bolts that fit loosely in your frame, I will gauge them and provide locking bolts both thicker in the body to optimize the fit in the barrel lug and also raise the sloped surface that engages under the frame's locking table.

Speaking of fitting Encore barrels, most of last fall and much of this winter when I was not throwing time down the toilet on video with them skulking around behind my back the first month and half of the year and then moving the shop to a new, bigger location, I did a LOT of r&d work on fitting Encore hinge pin holes, optimizing locking bolt fit in the frame, forging Encore barrel lugs, and hardening barrel lugs. This work will become available to Encore and Contender shooters only through me, Mike Bellm.

Neither of these people even own an Encore while I have worked to the nth degree with the Encore inside and out ever since it first came out and most importantly daily with the tens of thousands of shooters like YOU, the guy pulling the trigger.

Now is when I need your help more than ever. Please help me spread the word that Kim Nutting and Mike Bellm are no longer associated in any way. On the various forums you might frequent, post these facts and that the ONLY official website for Mike Bellm's Bellm TCs is as it always has been and will continue to be.

I will not be providing ANY technical support for her from this day forward. My continued support of you is dependent on your continued support of me and my son Kurt. Therefore, I ask that you do not patronize her in any way shape or form and please be patient while our business is restructured. I have temporarily suspended some parts orders while we re-establish our inventory and work on new and improved designs.

I am proud to announce that my son, Kurt Michael Bellm, will slowly be taking over my parts business. He started filling orders for me as a child and has a lifetime of shooting experience.

In addition to working hard to catch up, we have a fresh supply of Bergara Barrels we are working on and will continue to keep you, The Bellm Bunch, advised as we ready them with the added Bellm refinements.

I am no stranger to challenges and am charging ahead full speed in service to you, once again, the only one that ultimately counts....... the guy pulling the trigger.

I respectfully ask that you bear with us as we resupply over the next few weeks, arrange for production of several new products, and ask that you spread the word on forums and among friends, mailing lists, and "forwards" that the REAL Mike Bellm and his custom accessories is where it always has been at and NOT even though the two on the surface look the same right now. They are NOT. They are two separate domains, two separate directories with distinctions that will become more apparent.

This Newsletter will be taken by some as "airing dirty laundry". For those of you with such a shallow perception that you cannot see the cold hard facts and see the importance of this Newsletter, just think about it the next time you call expecting my help..... help I have freely doled out day in and day out for 31 years.

Cast your ballot with your dollars. Who are you going to patronize? An order taker or the guy in the trenches with you? Which will it be? It DOES matter!

Thank you again,
Because our name means everything to us!
The one, the only, Mike Bellm
Bellm TCs

(541) 956-6938"

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Yeah. It looks like Mike's Live-in, wife, or whatever she is known as, has "jumped ship" and gone off with another guy. And they have set up their own T\C "service" shop that they say does the same thing that Mikes shop does.

So, not only has Mike been jilted by his significant other, but she probably knows enough to funnel some business to this new guy for him to do some service to T\C's.

But IMHO, Mike is "the guy" with the experience behind his business. And I would think he is mentoring his Son to take over the business. (I don't know this for a fact....just guessing based upon the letter)

I doubt if the "Lady Bellm" business will grow and prosper....or hang around for very long. And I'm sure Mike will be a bit grumpy for awhile.

It's ashamed stuff like this happens. But Mike will pull thru and keep pluggin away.

At least, that's my bet.

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