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Bella has arived

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Well Bella has a new home but wow what a bundle of energy. I had thought 20 months would be less puppy but surprise . the transition for the other dog is going better than I thought
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Hello Jay not a bad looking french britt who did ya get her from I just bought a pup and mave another pup coming in a month or so good luck with her Where are you located ?
I got Bella from a trainer in the Poconos Jhon Stanton, He had goten her from a client who was going through a divorce.
Had Bella out on Sunday morning she is real birdy she had gotten so excited when she came across some Robbing on the deck.
We have some work to do in regards to basic obedience and I need to get her used to me and to come when called.
But I Will have this going and will be doing bird work with John and am joining NAVHDA and will be getting her out with them.
As soon as our springer/cocker mix accepts her it will be a lot of fun .
We had to have play time this morning at 0430 before work and then Tonight we will work on our obedience and energy burn off.
I am looking forward to having a great little bird dog she’s already grabbed the heart strings what a sweet little dog / hurricane
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What a good looking dog
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