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bear in dumpster

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other than not putting my garbage in(not an option) are there any ways to deter a bear from getting in it? i thought i was once told amonnia would work but it didnt. are there any other options?
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I deal with them regularly(4 dumpsters) I have a decent method down. First, I cut all of the bags open, so they only get out 1 yogurt cup at a time vs. a whole bag. Second, keep applying amonia, use a spray bottle so you can cover the top layer of trash, after a couple of days of tasting that, they usually move to the bar's dumpster down the road, and stay there for the rest of the summer.
Woodywoodduck said:
LOCK the dumpster lids!!
I wish we could, they are public dumpsters, even when they can't open them, they hop on the plastic lids until they crash through. Our local trash service only has front loading trucks, and the bear proof units require a rear loading truck.
try lime. seems to work on the bears that dig up septic systems
Powdered lime like Dietsch said. It removes some of the smell which attracts them and it burns their nose and eyes when they sniff it. It won't harm them though. A few dozen moth balls won't hurt either. Amonia only lasts a couple hours at best. Let us know how you make out.
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Fence the danged dumpsters. Hey boys, why don't you buy Scotty his boat he wants?
Or.... you could always "Fence the dang dumpsters". Boat?? He still owes me a pair of hip waders. lol.
didnt show last night ammonia might be working.
Put some ammonia in a balloon and blow it up.Tape the baloon to the dumpster with something sweet like honey or maple syrup on it.The bear will bust the ballon and get a snoot full of ammonia.I've done it and they don't come back.
Ammonia in a balloon.
That's Funny. I'd like to see video of it's reaction.

Oh, and... A lock only keeps an honest Bear honest.
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I used to have trouble on garbage night with bears dragging the bags into the woods and making a big mess. They would get all the neighbors up and down the road too. I made small pockets on my garbage bags and filled them with ammonia. No more messes. Works for me.
well guys the ammonia must have worked 3 days and no bear. thanks for all the help
If it doesn't I suggest disguising yourself as a hefty bag. Wait in ambush until he picks you out of the pile. When he does...jump up and yell ROAR!!! real menacing like. Works every time.
I can picture that. Just too funny!
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Yeah and if it's a sow with cubs, grab one of 'em and shake it so it bawls real loudly. This will definitely keep the bear's attention off the dumpster.
Beartrppr said:
Yeah and if it's a sow with cubs, grab one of 'em and shake it so it bawls real loudly. This will definitely keep the bear's attention off the dumpster.
i'd pay to see that

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About 4 or 5 years ago.I had a sow with 4 cubs walk up to the tree I was in on the first day of archery season.She obviously smelled where I was standing when I climbed the tree and looked up at me.She woofed and all the cubs climbed up trees.The one cub climbed the tree next to me and started bawling when it got eye level with me.That little sow came unglued and went crazy.I felt safe being 20 feet in the air because she never attempted to put a paw on the tree.However,I'm glad I wasn't on the ground.
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