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BEAR Driving and license

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According to a local Officer you have to have a valid Bear license to even drive for bear. I have always heard different, but when I looked in the regs, it states "Anyone participating in a bear hunt Must have a current Bear license. Anyone if this is true?
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搂 143.68. Carrying the license.

For a bear license issued subsequent to the owner鈥檚 general hunting license, the bear license shall be signed by the owner in the space provided and shall be carried on the person at all times when the owner is hunting for bear. The bear license does not need to be displayed but shall be produced for inspection upon demand of any officer authorized to enforce this title.


The provisions of this 搂 143.68 adopted May 16, 1997, effective May 17, 1997, 27 Pa.B. 2417; amended March 20, 2009, effective March 21, 2009, 39 Pa.B. 1388. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (312325). <a name="143.69.">搂 143.69. Unlawful acts.

The following acts are unlawful:
(1) Issuance of a bear license without proof of applicant purchasing a regular hunting license.
(2) Hunting bear without carrying a valid bear license on the person.
(3) Lending a bear license to another. (4) Failing to produce bear license upon demand of an officer.

how does this square with the exceptions to a license found in the Act under 2701.c ???????
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