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Amazing memories and times had yet again at Little Bear Camp. Some arrived Thursday afternoon to cold temps and snow cover on the mountain, excited to heat the camp and "prime the pump". Slept in on Friday and then up to check stands and for sign, very little sign of any bear or deer. Snow showers throughout the day.

6 more hunters arrived on Friday for a bear sausage lunch and venison cheesesteak dinner. Total of 8 in camp.

We started the first morning with a long hike, heard a few shots, and saw some folks setting up drives, but no sign of any bears. Hunted hard that first day, but no one in camp saw anything but a few squirrels and birds.

Half the crew left camp Saturday. I ran home quickly to pick up my oldest daughter so she could hunt with me on Sunday. Had steaks and baked potatoes for dinner with sticky buns for dessert.

Sunday was very cold; another day of hiking and exploring the mountain. Oliva was a trooper and hiked all day with me in the cold, blustery wind. We even found a frozen black snake on the logging road.

So glad my daughters are into hunting and love spending time on the hill with their old man.

Looking forward to rifle deer season and next year's bear camp!

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Good luck and safe hunting to all the hunters out there!
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