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Took a couple days to get the pics up but I managed a very nice 8pt last week. Grunted him in to 10 yards. After the shot he ran about 30 yards and just stood there for about 2 minutes, showing no sign of a hit. Then he simply walked off. I waited an hour then climbed down from my stand and examined the area where I shot. No bolt, no blood and no sign of a hit at all.
I decided to back out. I went home and hooked up with my dad to do some cottontail hunting. Shot a few rabbits and was back home at 2:30pm. Time to go back to where I shot at the buck.
I returned to the spot where he was standing when I shot. Once again no blood, bolt or sign of a hit. I followed his tracks in the leaves to where I saw him standing after the shot. No blood. I walked another five yards and soon discovered a few drops of blood. 20 yards away there he lay. He was no more than fifty yards or so from where I shot him (heavy cover). I hit him at a steep angle behind the shoulder and caught one lung. Arrow exited him low on the opposite side. Luckily I backed out and he laid down and expired. He was stiff when I found him so he did have to expire fairly quickly. Never found my bolt.

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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