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Beagle questions

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It looks like I'll be getting a beagle on Monday.

He's older, estimated about 4 yrs old. He's a runner and his body is pure muscle. I'd like to see if he has any chance of becoming a hunting dog. He seems to have the nose and drive for it.

It almost seems like he may have some sort of training but how can I tell? What are some of the standard training practices I could try to see if he responds to anything?

If he doesn't have any training how would I go about properly teaching him to run rabbits.

Any suggestions as to how to start this?
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I adopted my beagle from an ill family member when he was about 18 months old. It was all "pre-wired" in this guy. Showed him a rabbit, and he knew what to do. Showed him thick stuff, and in he went. Good luck with your new dog, I enjoy my beagle very much.
The firt thing that I would get would a check cord.
Maybe a 30 footer to teach the dog to come.

If it's in him to run, he'll do it but you must teach him basic commands first

Best of luck to ya

John L
Like RR says make sure the dog listens and then give him a chance. We just took a freind and their 9 yr old house dog to our beagle club, after listening to the pack a couple of minutes, he went right for it. This 'ol dog had never gotten a chance but he ran good.
I picked him up yesterday. He seems well behaved and for the most part, listens when I call him. I'll continue to work with him on the basics a while before I even think about getting him out.
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