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Beagle missing in Danville, pa area,......FOUND

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My brothers soon to be 1 year old x=mas day went missing while hunting not far from rt 11 near danville. Her garmin just quit working, she was on a split from the other dog. It is not like her to wonder off. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Well good news today, my brothers quest to not give up paid off, he took a chain saw to one last large brush pile and found the pup with her collar caught and the tracker shut down from a branch on the botton. she was scared and hungry, but otherwise OK Thanks Cheryl
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Never give up hope as Christmas miracles are happening all around us, it's nice to have a happy ending!!
Good news Cheryl, glad he got the pup back.
Cheryl, glad you had a happy ending. You've got to keep those collars tight so branches can't get under them. Would've lost my Gracie at the club a couple summers ago if I hadn't been right there when the pack chased the bunny into the brush pile. Four dogs went in after the bunny, only 3 came out. She was already twisted in there. Once again, glad for the happy ending. Merry Christmas!
That's just Crazy Cheryl
So glad he found her.

John L
I talked to Bill later on and he said her collar was actually not stuck her body was, she just wiggled so far in she couldn't go forward or backward. She was just plain stuck, so even though the collar shutdown the last location was on the Garmin, and she was only 50ft away. THanks for the kind words. Cheryl
Awesome happy ending!
Good to hear!
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