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Shot this guy around 4:30 pm today.

I arrived at my stand at 3:05 Pm and sat in my usual ladder stand that I have been hunting most of the season. At 4:00 pm I began a grunt sequence not knowing if it would help since so far all I have been seeing from my stand is doe's. 15 minutes after I heard walking in the leaves, not the usual squirrel or chipmunk walking but deer walking. I look into the direction of the sound and all I can see is white horns, I think that its the usual 4pt that I have been seeing but I decide to grab my bow anyway. As I am grabbing my bow I notice that its not the usual 4 but a bigger buck. My heart begins to pound and I run the scenario through my mind.

The buck walks the same trail as the deer I have been seeing and I wanted to get a shot off before he hit the field, which is a good 20 yards from where I first spotted him. He steps behind a tree and I begin to draw, he continues to walk while I am at full draw. He steps out into the last opening before he walks into the field and I let my arrow fly. I see the arrow hit and hair instantly fly, the buck takes off and I see what a bunch of white, more than the white of a tail.

I call my buddy and tell him that I just shot the biggest buck of my life, his response is, "Your lying". I then say, would I really be calling you at 4:45 from my stand just for laughs? We didnt even need to track him, when I saw white it was his belly and he was 65 yards away.

I used Mathes DXT, Rage 2 Blade and the shot was 22 yards, buck ran 60 yards. I want to thank a lot of people, those who let me hunt of their land and those who have passed that have taught me the art of hunting.

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