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Banded Osprey

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He a few I got the other day while out on the River doing a float trip with the D300.

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I think the other might be banded. But its hard to tell. I was pretty far from him and had to crop it a good bit. I tried to get close to him but I guess he didn't want to share his meal. I'll go through the other pictures and see if I can tell if its a band or not.

I was told that the USFWS bands these birds do you know if that is true? Or do you know who bands these birds? I like to get more info about it.
great pictures. One of my favorite birds. There is a place in the Adk's where you can consistently see them on a nest or feeding young. even after fledging they hang on the same pond (lots of stocked brook trout). folks love to go there and watch them, loons and mergansers.
Yeah pretty sure they are the ones that do the is possible that they might know what bird it is based on the band colors. They typically band juveniles from the same nest with different color bands and alternate the legs they can tell which bird it is from a distance since recapture of an adult osprey or even an eagle is very rare...I'll check into it a little bit and see what I can find. It would be neat to know where it is from.
I emailed the USFWS today and they told that USGS does the banding. So I just emailed them a little bit ago I'll let you know when I hear from them.
Great pics. Beautifle bird. You can see Ospreys at Pymatuning if you know where to watch. There are some nesting near Akerman Island.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts