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Bald Eagle today

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Was visiting family in Bedford County over the weekend and today I was driving down Rt 96 toward Hyndman and saw a mature bald eagle perched in an old oak tree right next to the road. We stopped to give it a look and it casually flew off toward the woods....beautiful!!! I've seen them here around Pike County every so often but it was a first for me down near my old home.
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I saw one on Rte 66 between Russell City and Marienville Sunday evening. He was having a Mexican standoff with a raven over a road killed deer.
<span style="font-weight: bold">We have numerous baldies up here at Pymatuning. I have a pair that watch me almost every morning when I check traps. I've learned that the juveniles have no fear when it comes to humans. Cutt</span>
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