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It's a dry land set that has worked well for me. Your basically locking the bait in place so they can't just sneek in and steal it. I run just a small line on my land so time at a set isn't a big deal and I'm not setting hundreds so having enough bait isn't an issue also. So YMMV

Trap leg hold 1.5 or bigger.
Bait. I like to use squirrel or bunnies parted in half. But I do use meat from the line as well.

The set.
Dig a hole for the bait and a channel for the scent to travel back it well with a tree or bush. Place a flat rock right on top of the bait with just the channel exposed on both sides you want some air flow. A bigger rock is better with in reason. I like to use the flat stone that is plentyful here that is about 16" each way and 3" thick. You want them to know the bait is there so don't over do it and bury the bait. You really just want them to have to work to get at it. For the traps. Make a regular dirt flat set. I do it as a double. One at 6" one at 12". I put a bit k9 urine in the top of the rock as a draw.

Variation 1 I use a large log to weight down the bait. It works well to but finding logs in the right size range is difficult... big enough to cover and weight it down well but not so big it can't be moved.

Variation 2
Tie bait to a large stick with fishing line. This works well where few rocks are available. The key and difficult part here is to keep it legal, cover it well from above!!!
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