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Bad 4 Onions!

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Heard back in early spring about this Allium Leafminer that was to hit Lanc. Co.
People from work and produce farmers in are area were hit.Onions hang down,look puckered and have a string of white dots where the eggs were laid.Magot hatches and moves to bulb and feasts on it.First year I ever lost a whole crop!
Leeks,Garlic,and anything in the onion family are a target.
Here is more info.
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That stinks. I was going to say "let me guess, these invasive good for nothings came from china", but actually from Poland according to the article.
I'm outside of Hershey, PA and had the same problem. Lost nearly the whole crop of Onions. Garlic is looking good still. I attribute part of the problem to the immense amount of rain we got this spring too. My soil was cool and damp for weeks. Maggots cause rot too and very very poor storage.
Onions love cool and wet.
Reported to Penn State and replied they are aware of the problem in our area.They had enough samples and thanks for reporting.
Co-worker told me today he lost ALL his onions,garlic,and leeks.
Monday had a big BBQ and when it was over they all got burned.
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