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Background check for ammo

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Here we go. Hard enough finding ammo last hunting season, now we may have to furnish ID and a background check for all ammo, if this passes?

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Here we go. Hard enough finding ammo last hunting season, now we may have to furnish ID and a background check for all ammo, if this passes?

as i have said before, if you have done nothing wrong, what are you worried about. anymore you want people to show drivers license to vote so why is this any different. as for charging for the background check, i dont agree with that. if they want to do a background check it should be on retailer selling the ammo. have they figured out how long it will take to do background checks for ammo and how many sales they will lose because of the time a customer will have to wait. i have no problem showing my ID to buy ammo. i remember back when you had to show ID if you bought ammo that could be used in both rifle and handguns.
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Why stop at ammo? Why not for buying beer/liquor, checking for DUI’s? Buying a car/truck, checking for poor driving records? How much intrusion are people willing to put up with and for no good reason.
they already do.
And this is exactly why these laws creep in. Folks like this that are complacent and complicit in the erosion of our freedoms. It is the result of political indoctrination and milquetoast attitudes.

Regardless whether I have anything to hide or not, it’s my business what I do. May the police search your home at will? If you’ve nothing to hide, why not? Should the government demand you I stall a breath machine in your car just to make sure you don’t drive drunk even though you have never been charged with the crime in your life? You show ID to vote so as not to corrupt the voting process by voting more than once, not being eligible, not because you might be a criminal.

this country is doomed because of attitudes exactly like this. It’s ignorant, obtuse and reflects a poor understanding of the founding of our republic and the principles on which it is based. People vote for politicians they seem as common sense and easy. Then wonder what the **** happened.
umm. This isn’t anything to do with being able to hunt or shoot recreationally. You have no right to hunt or recreationally target shoot. You only have a right to bear arms in self defense and defense against tyranny.

again and again the same narrow minded views emerge.
Wake up folks. The left, they’re communists. They want to disarm the populace at any chance. It stands in their way. Every gun law ever enacted was designed to incrementally disarm the citizenry. Communism is a long game and anyone who cannot see this is playing along.
Buy ammo. As much as you can. Reload for it as much as you can. Store it. Stockpile it and pray a call to arms never comes. Because as soon as you give it up, that’s when you’ll need it.
i havent shown my ID to vote as the people at the polls know me. as for being called to arms, that is why we have the military. when the 2nd amendment was written the people were the militia. that no longer applies. most people only read the part of the 2nd amendment that says right to bear arms. read the whole thing.
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