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Somehow by the grace of god I got to sneak out yesterday evening. My wife was at her mothers with the kids. I got out of the car at 6. I snuck down to where I thought that 14" wide 8 points staging area was. I was kicking it old school hunting from the ground. First time in quite a few years with the bow. I knew what way the wind was going and set up down wind of the trail I though he would use there was a nice clearing there with white oak acorns dropping, and a small pine thicket to my back. I set up against a large hemlock with a few low hanging branches for back cover. Good cover, wind in my face at a slight angle behind me, and acorns in front. It was a nice 54 degrees.

Right at about the time I saw that buck cross the road I hear something in front of me. I see a decent bodied deer walk out of the thicket and into the clearing where the oaks were dropping. Deer is 30 yard And its head is behind a tree.

In my area of PA a buck has to have at least three to a side. The deer makes its to 25 and I don't see any horns. Nice a doe for the freezer. I am about ready to draw but the deer just looks like a buck to me. How it was walking, its face, its chest it just looked like a buck. Still not seeing any horns I decide to draw, and in my mind it was a doe.

I haven't hunted on the ground in a long time and my heart was roaring at this point. Hard to beat that feeling of primitive ground hunting. I get about a quarter of the way back when the deer turns his head and I can see small antlers on his head.

Woo that was close!

I let down easy and just watched him. I was hoping maybe it would be a bachelor group and maybe another deer would be with him. He browsed around for about 10 minutes and started to angle behind me. I knew it was a matter of time before he busted me if he kept on his rout so I just prayed he'd let me have enough time if another deer would show.

He was behind me for at least 15 minutes but never went to my scent stream. I could hear him behind me but also heard another deer working in from where the little buck came. I could only believe it was the 8, but can not be sure. Just at where you think something would pop out of the thicket, I hear the little buck make 2-3 bounds back from where he came. Well guess he got my wind. Lol

Whatever else was there also took off also. Was a nice hunt even though I didn't get anything. These bonus hunts work for me. I knew that area would be a staging area, and my plan worked. Just not the buck I was hoping for.

Was awesome to get back to my roots of ground hunting. Really kicks things up a notch. I used to only hunt from the ground or a ladder stand. Thing is you just never know what can happen and when. Some times your little 5 minute half hearted scouting trip down the back roads on the way home can put you on deer. I am very aggressive when it comes time to taking advantage of every possible second I can be out in the woods hunting.

I must add that my clothes were washed in Dead down wind, Stored in a scent free tote, and I sprayed down with Dead down wind before going out. Like my previous post I just cant break that habit. I think it may buy you a little bit of time, but I knew exactly where my scent was going. As soon as I heard his steps hit that spot he just froze, then bounded off. I am sure that stuff doesn't hurt but I just don't think you can beat their nose. THis was a puppy 1.5 year old maybe spike or 4 point. LOL
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