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Back From my ocellated hunt in Mexico.

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Had a phenomenol time down in Campeche this week past. I shared camp with my girlfriend and 3 other hunters. One bowhunter and two shotgun hunters- of which, one was a 9yr old kid.

We arrived into camp Monday afternoon and I shot my bow to make sure it made the trip well and everything was dead on. We headed out around 2:30pm for the first hunt and I had a bird come in behind me around 15 yards but the jungle was so thick we couldn't see it, just heard it clucking around. At 6pm, we heard it fly up to the roost for the night. The field was tore up with tracks, dust bowls, scat and feathers, so we moved down along the edge some and made a new jungle blind for the next morning.

Tuesday morning we made it to the blind before daylight. At first light I hit some points with the rangefinder to get my barrings for distance and settled in for the wait. Around 6:30 the woods exploded behind us with the sound of wing beats as 80-100 turkey began flying down all around us and over top of us out into the field. They landed about 70yds out. A little while later, a group of 5 toms came around the edge of the field from behind us and was within 23 yards. I burried my pin on the biggest bird in the group and sent my arrow on its way. The turkey immediately went down and lied there with his head up as the other toms just stood there looking at him. We waited for the other birds to clear the field and went out to get my hands on my "World Slam". He weighed in at 10 Pounds with 1 7/16" spurs. Later in the week, we went to the Mayan Ruins of Edzna and toured the site. It was 102⁰ in the shade.

Once we made it back into Merida, us hunters with our new friendships toured the city for some shopping, sightseeing and had a farewell dinner together.

My girlfriend is composing a blog detailing our entire trip in great detail. Once its done, I'll post a link to it.
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Very cool post bud. Glad you had a good and successful outing. Nature is pretty wild when you look at those birds.
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Wow, congrats! Thats an awesome looking bird!
....CONGRATULATIONS on what is awesome looking gobbler...hopefully you'll post the picture of the mount when finished...a great memory for sure and certainly no easy task with a bow..
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