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Awesome sight in the sky tonight

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At 1am tonight if you look in the sky to the northeast you will see awesome Clouds,, and at 325 am if you look to the southwest sky you will see more awesome clouds,, Enjoy
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Alarm is set ! There is no way I am missing this.
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if I'm lucky, I might even see some rain!
I missed them. Thick fog and "heavy" drizzle here. Got a good chance to see clouds when sun comes up.
My view was greatly diminished by heavy rain drops on my eye glasses
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Man, I missed it. However, at 7AM I saw some clouds that were awesome too. One looked liked a constipated Lyndon B. Johnson.
I saw that awesome display of clouds and rain....
I wish you guys would keep your clouds over there! I woke up and looked, and saw cloud formations that spelled ATR
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ATR , will that sky show of a cloud cover be around again tonight, hope to see it again if available....
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