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ATV pics

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Hey guys here is my 09 Grizzly 700 with 27 inch Swamplites and ITP 312 wheels kit and Warn RT 25 winch which now has synthetic rope installed. Best investment I ever made. The only thing I changed were the tires,did not like the Swamplites,went to Maxxis Zillas. I have owned alot of atvs and dirtbikes but this one is the best of both worlds, WORK AND PLAY!
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those tires are actually interco swamp lites. how do they do? nice bike. I know black is the modern day chrome.
That is a nice quad...
Big Ben, I actually scrapped the swamplites and are running 27 inch maxxis zillas now. The swamplites are a very soft compound and seem to wear really quick. I actually ripped pieces off of them when crossing creeks and on trails that had shale or rocks on them. Other than that they were a nice riding trail tire that did ok in mud. The zillas are much better in mud and are just as smooth on the trails. And in all this deep snow the Zillas go right through it. The only other tire I found that works as well as the zilla in mud and snow are the ITP 589s, but the zillas ride much better
Did you trailer out there? A couple of buddies and I want to make the trip, but are not sure if it is practical.
nice quad
Rooter said:
Did you trailer out there? A couple of buddies and I want to make the trip, but are not sure if it is practical.
Yes we trailed to Marysvale Utah to ride the Paiute trail system which does connect to other systems. For us it was around 1740 miles one way. Totally worth it. There are thousands of miles of trails out there. We rode for 6 1/4 days put a little over 700 miles on the quad. First time I had ever been out west, definetly won't be the last. Next time though I'm going to take 2 weeks off to go out there. We rode with a group of friends. Some came as far as Chambersburg,PA and Hagerstown, MD. If you can afford to get out there and ride and have the time to do it, DO IT! you won't regret it. BTW it was actually cheaper for us to trailer out there rather than fly, rent a car and rent quads. Plus we really like our machines and won't even entertain the thought of riding a rental.

We have rode alot in PA and WV, we like riding in both states but out west is a totally different place. It's BIG, most of my pictures really don't do it justice.
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Roan, post some pics of your trip when you get a chance. I would love to see em.
that grizz is one beautiful quad. keep riding...later
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