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To properly celebrate the birth of Christ and a time to be with family, friends and your Lord, will be shutting down tonight, Christmas Eve at 10PM, and will reopen Christmas day at 2PM . We would stay closed all Christmas day but in consideration of those with post holiday hunt get togethers, etc.. we want you to be able to plan on-line before the seasons resume on the 26th. Our apologies for any inconvenience with the shutdown, especially to those in the military that may be connecting back home via HPA. But the off-line world needs to take precedence on this holy and silent night this year more than any.

HPA is truly a family and we wish each and every one of you the very best holiday in what has been a very tough and sometimes confusing year. BUT PLEASE ENJOY the “in person” gatherings this holiday and leave the on-line connections here for the rest of the year. The HPA staff deserves this break as well , and so do all of our wonderful understanding members both here and in our households.

We know the importance of being with like-minded individuals on-line when you need them and will resume business tomorrow afternoon so we can all share pictures of the stuff Santa got us. 16 hours of no HuntingPA consider it our gift to your family and loved ones.

Our Best wishes to ALL who know what being a part of really means...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS!! Staff
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