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My schedule anymore does not allow me to roost birds at all. I went into an area where the birds had been roosted before. I went ahead and just set up before light and just stood listening. Their were birds on opposing hillsides but each about 250 yards away, and boy they were hammering. I was pumped and decided to go try the closer birds first as I had to be out of the woods.

I made my way up the ridge to where the birds were sounding off. I came up to a dead tree with a small opening. I looked and about a foot away from my foot was a fuzzy white thing. I thought it was a skunk so I jumped back. It was still grey light and that got the old heart going.

I put the flashlight on my phone on and found out it was a baby barred owl that im assuming fell out of the nest. I kept back and snagged to pics. I was about to turn around when



I had no clue it was coming and it was out of no where. She was close enough that here breast feathers knocked my hat off.

She landed in a tree about 10' away and let out a "WHOOOOOAAAAHHHH!" I took a quick 4 second video of here bouncing from tree to tree, And took off with my hands on my head ducking between cover.

I love these owls and they amaze me but she kind of messed up my hunt. LOL There was no way to get to the gobblers on the close side of the ridge so I took off to hunt "Big Boy" who let his presence known on the opposite ridge. I beat feat to get over there but the birds this morning only gobbled for about 15 minutes.

No luck buy a wild ride. Just VERY LUCKY she only did the dive bomb maneuver and didn't have her talons out. They are ridiculously quiet and stealthy. She never made a sound until after she took my hat off. I think I would rather be faced with a bear and cubs than that to be honest. At least you can hear them.

WOW, never a dull moment with my hunting adventures and just more things to add to an already goofy season.

Here are the photos of the baby owl just before I got wacked.

So word of the wise if you ever come across a baby barred owl on the ground, just high tail it out of there and don't even take a pic. They aren't found of photo ops.

Now on a serious side, is this little guy going to be ok? Should I contact the game commission about the owl? I don't believe they are endangered or anything, and I only hope, that he is ok and not injured. I am a firm believer in letting nature do its thing, but if I should let the commission know please let me know.

Thanks for the read, and man I just cant get a break this year. LOL
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Neat story, it's things like this that keep me interested in the outdoors and wildlife in general. I can't advise on what to do about the baby owl but I hope it turns out well. Frankly I thought that birds in general gave up on a young one that fell out of the nest. Looks like owls, this one anyhow, are not like this. Do they nest on the ground at all? FWIW many years ago we had one take up temporary residence in a maple tree just outside the bedroom window and when it sounded off with hooting it was like a steam whistle on a battleship. Holy cow it was loud!
I thought I heard some high pitched screaming when I was out today. Was that you TurkeyMike ?

Cool story man. Thanks for sharing.
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