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At The Range?

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Looking for some advice in terms of sighting in my flintlock. I recently purchased a TC Renegade .50 cal last xmas and wanted to go out to the range sometime next week. My question for you experienced smokepole guys is what steps I need to take to try and find a half decent load?

I plan on purchasing some 320gr maxibals to shoot. Should I start with 70grs of FF and shoot at 25yards and keep moving out to 50, 75yds or stay at the close range and adjust powder by 5grs? Also, is it best to swab between each shot or maybe after 3 or so? Run bore cleaner or just hot water? Much appreciated for the tips! I know for best results I need to develop a "ritual" in terms of loading and was wondering what some of the rituals you guys have when loading each shot. Thanks
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Stikbow is right the only thing i do differenr is i use 50grs at 25 yrd to get my group [it just saves powder]then i hunt with 70grs of 3f not a major difference in my groups but every single one of us do things a little different to get the same thing
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